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Nanchang 6 into psychology advisory orgnaization sets client of disposition marr
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Both sides of male and female undertakes check-up before marriage, this kind of traditional marriage check pattern all the time since it is new personality as the basis that whether suits to marry certainly finally. However, the marriage check means of physiology of be confined to of this kind of bureau is in work of marriage have a youthful look expose fall vacant defect, cannot make guidance and analysis to the person's disposition for instance, unfortunate blessing of marriage or burst happen from time to tome. Accordingly, in recent years one kind aims to undertake an analysis from disposition, mentally, the ” of check of “ disposition marriage that whether both sides of judgement men and women suits to marry begins to appear in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, whole nation of very fast fashionable. ” of check of “ disposition marriage appeared in Nanchang sadly in September from this year hind, two many short in lunar time, get the youth's attention.

  6 into psychology advisory orgnaization sets disposition marriage check

14 days morning, resemble referral center of psychology of hill north Lu Mou to the lover, afferent manage doctor spoke the heart that two people dare not remarry to written guarantee. Original, come to what prosperous is in business Mr Chen and SOHO Ms. Zhang all leaves other before a few years. This year May, two people begin association. Association before long, two people make a noise so that cannot leave to hand in for a few bagatelle. Mr Chen often mouth not choose character speaks very offensive word, and Ms. Zhang can be when impulse lay a person. After many the consideration, two people come to referral center, whether is the marriage that hopes through psychology the test judges two people met perfect.

Classics test, ms. Zhang suffers from obstacle of more serious hysteria illness character. Because one's early years has sufferred many second setback, the ego protection consciousness of Ms. Zhang is very strong, often magnify harm. And Mr Chen belongs to easy impulse, very the person that the mood turns. After classics psychology doctor is analysed, two average per capita express not to wish to change his for the other side. Final, two people express to want reason to part company on the spot.

The reporter sees, the method of the test is the questionnaire that both sides of male and female does a content to agree at the same time, this questionnaire inscribes composition by 186 choices, right the element of 16 kinds of disposition such as the tropism of inside and outside of the person that check, stability undertakes sifting checking illuminating, conclude then.

“ guards estimation, since September, nanchang city had 20 psychological referral center of the left and right sides to open business of disposition marriage check, occupy Nanchang city psychology to seek advice from an orgnaization 6 into. Controller of one psychology referral center tells ” Nanchang city the reporter.
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