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About the typical understanding that checks before pregnant
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Know about the typical case that examines before pregnant (graph)

  About the typical understanding that checks before pregnant:

   Know 1. The examination before pregnant? Had not heard of!

Represent proportion: 78%

Comment on: Not strange!

The expert affirmed our findings, from the point of quantity seeing a doctor, make an appointment with the examination before two agreement people know pregnant only really, and the person that will check also is or has hereditary disease, or has abort repeatedly history, these people also do not understand the examination before pregnant, can catching up with this “ modern ” also is ” of “ be forced to do.

Content of the health care before pregnant includes: Healthy education and seek advice, healthy state examination, healthy guidance. Check with the medicine before pregnant through seeking advice (include medical, lab and video learn to wait for auxiliary examination) , according to the result healthy to scrutator state undertakes assessment.

  Know 2. The examination before pregnant is done not have necessary, be to antenatal is checked?

Represent proportion: 86%

Comment on: Not necessary? What does that Ministry of Public Health still send " standard of servive routine of the health care before pregnant " ah!

Realize in all pregnant woman oneself become mother when, small fetal people already at least stealthily development 1 many months. Have be born blemish also ” of “ enough time was formed, remedy to have not enough time at all again at this moment. Be on guard the job must want the environment of the mother's body with the quality from consideration spermatozoon and ovum and fetal be pregnant with to begin, namely plan of the health care before pregnant.

Long-term since, be born blemish precaution is existing a lot of errors. For instance the tradition is born blemish precaution mode emphasized particularly on to ignore society, environment and behavior factor at genetic element; Side overweight is checked with antenatal sieve and stop optionally gravid the precaution that is main measure, and ignored state of body of the husband and wife before be pregnant to cause be born the precaution of blemish is waited a moment.

  Know 3. I am young and healthy, marriage check is no problem, before be pregnant, still check too troublesome!

Represent proportion: 68%

Comment on: At present the newest final conclusion about marriage check is —— marriage check is born to precaution blemish action is limited, and the appearance that is put in ” of many “ make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth.

Investigation shows, new student disease check goes out to all be the examination in pregnant, clinical diagnostic fish, check of marriage of and rather than.
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