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Want to be pregnant, do not forget the examination before pregnant and guidance
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Zhang Yan, it is some company's young female staff member. Marry 2 years. Plan near future is pregnant, come to Jinan city division of heredity of courtyard of health care of women and children consults the knowledge that has consideration pregnant side. When the doctor examines system for her, however the Hymen that astounded discovers Zhang Yan is complete. That is to say, in the life after the marriage that is as long as 2 years, have not of Zhang Yan's couple has had real sexual life.

Lu Qing is married young married woman of 3 years, come to dismay of her before the doctor spirit, be full of scowl. Marry 3 years so, 3 gravid, all stop Yo because of inchoate embryo and stop. Through this a chain of blow, she is right oneself whether normal and gravid already lost confidence. The course asks medical history in detail, doctor discovery, come 3 years the business that she is helping the husband be engaged in selling flocks and herds the meat all the time. Such doctors had specific aim ground to do arched bug pathogen to detect to her, result pathogen shows positive reaction. After the cure that passes a period of treatment, reinspect bug of indication segment of a circle to already was cured. Subsequently, fall in the doctor's guidance again gravid, eventually mature is gravid childbirth one health male baby.

Similar case too numerous to mention one by one, the examination before showing pregnant adequately and guidance very be necessary. Be pregnant with of love, marriage is worn new student life. New student life is come by first oosperm growth, and oosperm is be united in wedlock by spermatozoon and ovum and come. Accordingly, the quality of the spermatozoon that regards new student life as the half and ovum, the normal growth that will come to new student life is crucial. And the environmental element all round the psychosis of both sides of pregnant woman couple, healthy state and couple, can produce an effect to the quality of spermatozoon and ovum. So, when you plan to be pregnant, need a series of preparation works. Your whether does the state suit at present gravid, connubial both sides is due what note, the health care before you should look for a doctor to do pregnant is direct, for coming gravid the sufficient preparation that makes good psychology, material and body go up. Only such ability make prospective darling healthy, clever.

  So what content does the examination before pregnant include?

1. Sexual health care is direct: A few more embedded of sexual knowledge explain, the pathogeny of sex hygiene education, sexual dysfunction learns an examination to wait.

2. System examines before pregnant: Whether does main discovery have look of Guan Ji of tumour of genital official inflammation, reproduction organ, genital, secondary sex characteristic whether growth is normal wait, so that undertake seasonable Jiao Zhi.

3. Prepotent and directive: Prepotent it is to point to the child that gives birth to a health. What we tell is prepotent the implication that includes two fields: It is to improve normal and fetal quality; 2 it is to prevent deformity be born. Prepotent with what does the element concern couplet? Main with heredity and environment two big factors are concerned. And the element that the environment pollutes basically has 3 big sides: ① physics element: Be like radiate of radiation, high temperature, noise, electromagnetism; ② chemical element: Wait like lead, mercuric, arsenic, benzene, pesticide, smoke, wine; ③ biology element: Virus of if nettle rash is ill poison, arched bug, pure herpes, flu virus can endanger through placenta fetal, cause the stunt inside stillborn foetus, slink, fetal palace, intellective obstacle and deformation to wait. Such, the doctor is reached through understanding working surroundings of the patient familial history, provide the prepotent guidance that has specific aim to the patient thereby, familial to having hereditary disease history the patient makes a risk estimate.
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