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"80 hind " into " disposition marriage check " brunt
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Recently, ” of check of marriage of disposition of a kind of “ is in Tianjin sadly arisen, the ” of check of “ disposition marriage that list of volume of test of case of this kind of choose and employ persons undertakes, the purpose is the disposition characteristic that should check love or both sides of husband and wife, white-collar of the ” after “80 becomes this detected main force. Current, this city is much domestic psychology advisory orgnaization offerred item of ” of check of “ disposition marriage.

Only a month has center of communication of service of peaceful area talent many pairs of 100 new personality went doing ” of check of “ disposition marriage.

The reporter knocks test site continuously

The person that be checked: Zhang Hua of a pair of lovers, Wang Ling.

Test reason: The Zhang Hua that is about to enter marital hall and king approach are first before because make preparations bridal its brawl is overmuch second, because choose design occurrence difference,be in again recently when buy furniture and quarrel greatly one. In the course of contacts, xiaowang begins to feel two people already unlike loved each other in that way at the outset. Xiaozhang is very pained also to this, the hope finds out the problem of bilateral existence through this service.

Test process: The questionnaire that two people are asked to do a content to agree at the same time checks, there must not be any languages, limbs and expressional communication with the other side in answering question process.

Test result: Disposition analyses a report to point out, judging - consciousness on latitude, both sides is put in very big difference. Xiaozhang is the judgement of the model disposition, apt controls the person in the environment, thing to perhaps concern with quick way, apt is rapid make conclusion; And the consciousness that Xiaowang is a model disposition, like experience and appreciation, hope possible to place circumstance has comprehensive knowledge, redo gives a decision. Advisory division basis suggests on the spot as a result, in wanting the process that they will get along henceforth, when if encounter need,making make a decision, both sides ought to understand the other side morely. Both sides looks at a report, listening to evaluate the explanation of division, the each other before doing it pays no attention to solution to feel repent.


” of check of marriage of disposition of “ of teacher of some school Chinese gives land lady marriage hit “ to prevent needle ”

The both sides in love, as a result of a variety of reasons, the confine with get certain to each other understanding and restrict. Undertake ” of check of “ disposition marriage, can examine oneself and the other side afresh with a kind of new vision fitly, if harmonious or disposition is complementary, natural everyone is happy; If disposition shoulds not, two people may not must part company, after all ” of check of “ disposition marriage is not exclusive decide means.
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