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Nanchang east lake area head push newly-married of free marriage check can enjoy
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Want you to be willing only, antenuptial marriage check serves holding cost to buy sheet by the government. 5 days, the reporter understands, since this month, lake area rolls out service of free marriage check first in Nanchang east, the new personality that always accords with a condition can enjoy this service.

As we have learned, make a fresh start " marriage registers byelaw " after stipulating marriage check is freewill, the marriage check rate of Jiangxi is overall in drop, because this brings a new life be born ratio of defects is climbed considerably litre. Since June 1, lake area is in Nanchang city east rolled out service of free marriage check first. The reporter understands, registered permanent residence of newlywed one party is in east inside lake area limits, can accept free marriage check; Had married, in newly-married inside 3 months, hold a marriage certificate to also can enjoy this service. In the meantime, to east registry office of lake area marriage is registered when marrying, the staff member can send a piece of connection to get stuck, newlywed holds this to get stuck to be able to enjoy service of free marriage check inside 3 months. According to introducing, the charge of marriage check is 98 yuan, this charge first by place of health care of women and children contributive, later east lake district government is annual one-time allocate funds 400 thousand yuan or so.

East Wu Xueqin's section chief tells division of business of place of health care of lake area women and children the reporter, marriage check basically is to be aimed at hereditary disease, include two kinds big: Single gene hereditary disease and polygene hereditary disease. As we have learned, after this service is rolled out, at present already more than 10 newlywed accepted free marriage check service. The reporter seals Zhu Xiuzhen of the cloud, trainee

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