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Provincial capital east lake area is being saved completely head choose free mar
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  From May the bottom rises, should have only in the Nanchang citizen that conduction finish marriage registers among them one party registered permanent residence is in east of lake area, can reach Nanchang city freely east place of health care of lake area women and children accepts inspection of the medicine before marriage. The cost that the medicine before marriage examines buries sheet by the government, demonstrated an opinion of the government: Hope this action can raise the marriage check of newlywed to lead, reduce a new student be born blemish. Yesterday, after the reporter is investigated, be informed, although this month east the new personality amount of check of lake area marriage had big breakthrough before relatively, the first marriage that Dan Donghu area registers everyday person control in 20 pairs, among them only 4 butt joints got free marriage check, marriage check leads inadequacy 30% . Door of Ministry of Public Health feels anxious for this: Face a new life be born the trend that blemish rises increasingly, why so much new personality still wants to reject a government the beautiful meaning of free marriage check?

Sanitarian place

Marriage check project increases AIDS sieve to check

Yesterday morning 9 when make, the Nanchang city that the reporter comes to 50 be located in provincial capital to bless alley east place of health care of lake area women and children. Seek advice in the marriage Yo of 4 buildings room, doctor Guo that the medicine before responsible marriage checks tells a reporter, after free marriage check is executed by May, the new personality of marriage check comes before they recieved more than 10 pairs.

To this, east Zhang Xiaoling of assistant director of institute of health care of lake area women and children expresses, examination of the medicine before marriage is not common check-up, however a series of body examinations that have specific aim, basically be pair of person that get check undertake sifting checking in the respect such as reproductive system disease, contagion, hereditary disease, the person that get check returns the guidance of knowledge of attainable marriage Yo, with avoiding pregnant woman occurrence abortion, slink, stillborn foetus will reach a new student henceforth be born the circumstance such as blemish is main purpose, thereby lived of prepotent actor Yo the first close. In addition, they still join real case, additional in marriage check project the sieve that increased pair of AIDS is checked.

Civil administration bureau

The new personality whole area that registers everyday has 20 pairs about

Yesterday afternoon 3 when make, the reporter comes to provincial capital child on solid road east bureau of lake area civil administration. Enter a building, the reporter sees deal with marry 45 pairs of youths stood before the bar that register. Be in charge of dealing with marry the civil administration bureau of the formalities that register 10 thousand gentlemen tell the staff member the reporter, they already dealt with the registering formalities of many pairs of 2500 new personality this year, smooth even season should deal with 229 pairs, among them first marriage person occupied 80% above. The reporter was calculated roughly, the first marriage that lake area registers everyday east person should control in 20 pairs, and this month east the marriage check number of place of health care of lake area women and children has ten pairs, come down on average to be controlled in 4 pairs everyday. That is to say, although east increase sharply of number of check of the marriage after place of health care of lake area women and children executes free marriage check, but check of actual new personality marriage leads inadequacy 30% , the newlywed person that still more than 7 is become does not wish to accept free marriage check.
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