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The tie-in skill of pearl and marriage gauze
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The pearl with fruity and shining exterior, it is indispensable marriage gauze act the role ofing tastes fittings, how to match marriage gauze and pearl to act the role of do the most perfect collocation?

Above all the modal cent that pearl act the role ofing tastes is: Catenary of ring, dangler, necklace, hand, breastpin, pearl is strung together... etc, can match the marriage gauze formal attire of all sorts of design. String together catenary to be with pearl exemple, suit collocation very much one word is gotten, the marriage gauze formal attire of thin shoulder 帶 , type blocking a shoulder and cover cup type, pearl of by means of strings together the ornament of catenary, not only can dash forward show the beautiful line with new cervical a form of address for one's wife, can add the temperament with elegant nobility of marriage gauze formal attire more.

Long model bead string in dress dew carries formal attire of type marriage gauze on the back when, have the effect that make the finishing point. When bridal dress dew carries style ceremonial robe or dress on the back, can match Dai Changxing bead string do versatility, will grow for example model bead string deserve to wear with law of scarf type a suit of armour; Or be will bead string with gradually the means of the layer matchs Dai Yuli to take rear, let pearl present nature to hang down dropping effect, those who make back curve of the bride is adorned is more beautiful.

Act the role of tasted tie-in skill as to marriage gauze formal attire and pearl, should deserve to act the role of certainly above all with formal attire advocate deputy cent, if the bride deserves to wear the pearl with simple style to act the role of,taste, can choose design to spend spruce marriage gauze formal attire; If the bride chooses adorn taste design relatively luxurious, the style of marriage gauze formal attire criterion with simple but elegant advisable.

In addition, pearl also can apply the design that Yu Li takes to go up directly, reach the waist in the collarband of marriage gauze formal attire, cuff for example, do the ornament of emphasis style with pearl, and head gauze part does 裝 to act the role of with pearl very beautiful also! The distinguishing feature that wants in hand pearl only tries to develop, pearl can be marriage gauze formal attire is optimal take file!

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