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The bride takes adorn taste choice and collocation
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The day of marriage banquet, each marry a woman newly to think oneself makeup dot gets beauty, and the choice is acted the role of appropriately taste and fittings will match formal attire, can build a very good effect. General the commonnest adorn article glove, headgear, shoe waits, recipe side is taken in the headgear of formal attire, the Chinese's tradition is to wear a lot of gold to act the role of, it a few model that should choose to suit only will match is good that a few models that should choose to suit only will match, overmuch headgear appears burdensome instead, and let sparkle splendent headgear grab bridal elegant demeanour.

 besides headgear, cannot unwary fittings still has glove and shoe, if formal attire is of the type that cut a shoulder, can choose gauntlet, length exceeds elbow little about, play the effect that makes fold downward slightly again, can have slender visual perception, if be short sleeve or 7 minutes of formal attire of sleeve,match short glove, the curve that just won't invite a hand shortens; In shoe respect, white gauze formal attire can choose white shoe, evening dress to be able to depend on the color of formal attire to match, ash of black, pearl, or the color of the burnish that take a place is pretty good, the height of shoe root is OK slightly a bit taller, let whole person sense rise more slender, did not forget to want to do collocation with bridegroom nevertheless.

Little shopping bag of  popular fittings

The black little shopping bag that  contains burnish to feel suits to use tie-in evening dress most, carry deftly go up in the hand or hang in the artifice, already high luxuriant, put a drop young other people, maintain good elegant demeanor at any time

The whole of  evening dress is acted the role of taste collocation

 gray is this year fashion colour, cooperate the black decorative pattern of formal attire, act the role of tasted collocation to be given priority to with black department, simple come with pearl neck catenary and Hei Er annulus only makeup dot, very decorous, and the plume of the head is very popular also this year.

 is practical beautiful black ceremony shoe

 black high-heeled shoes is the good partner of evening dress, choose to go up in heel height, had better be to let formal attire appreciably had built shoe, show a bit vamp, can let whole person appear tall carry.

 is deft do not break luxuriant bride to dress up again

The piscine trail that  cuts humeral pattern is narrow place silvery white formal attire, show whole figure of the bride come out, without the encumbrance of general formal attire, allow the bride's can light action, of the head get acting the role of also is popularity to dress up.

 white bowknot is small ceremony shoe

Formal attire of white gauze of collocation of shoe of  white ceremony, let bridal whole feel very pure and fresh chasteness, small bowknot serves as adornment, very refined, inferior heel suits the bride with taller height.
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