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Of the bearing on wedding exchange ring piece
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I accompany the one act Bqn with the most romantic implementation marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
I accompany Bqn marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
"Nervous, also wear even ring do not go in! "The person that has this awkward experience mights as well drill a few times more beforehand, when the bride helps bridegroom wear ring, bridegroom curves elbow, handle extends natural bent height, the bride asks the hand of bridegroom with left hand, the big toe of the right hand, forefinger and middle finger hold ring, wear the ring finger of bridegroom, normally, wearing when going up, the bride will be not self-conscious ground hyperbole rises, hold his hand closely, the calve end the eyelid that puts oneself is fine cover ring toward his ring finger, actually this is planted pose very nohow, the picture that takes does not go out good-looking.

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