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Of the bearing on wedding cheer piece
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Lift gently at the same time cup, notice to lift cup means VUW at the same time I accompany marriage of your one's whole life to celebrate a net
I accompany VUW marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
Above all, when listening to toast demit, the bride should pick next gloves, put on the table, goblet should be carried to the bosom before, as cheer sound is cherished appreciate mood general goblet a bit inclined on lift, if extent is big nevertheless, should not let goblet obscure facial ministry, take a picture from any angle OK. If two the individual's chairs leave far, can lean a bit nearlier when stand, appearance of station of splay " of " of intended ground make it, so whole types or forms of literature appears beautiful, additional, when taking goblet, want to arrange the place of good finger, when listening to others to make a speech, applied left hand holds a cup of bottom in the palm firmly.

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