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The dot candle of the bearing on wedding piece
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Picturesque the picture like, illume I accompany C7n of wedding breakfast candle marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
I accompany C7n marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
Erect the back of the human body is basic medium basic. Often someone loses on this, because bridegroom bride is taking ignition club to stretch his hand in very far from the candle place,ignite, this kind of pose can make 2 people protuberant chin, open mouth, look is very funny, and length of two hand arm is different, if bridegroom handle arm is complete unbend, the bride is met body pitch. So, bridegroom should consider the position that the length of bridal arm stands with the decision. This calls " bridegroom to guide type " . Of bridegroom additional the hand is put on bridal waist, like dance, the suggestion that adopts finger will move a distance, lead the bride from the table the Yao of half pace is in, the bride wants to notice, did not forget the hand outside medium bouquet face face. Leave very far stretch one's hand bit of candle, because the pose is undeserved, chin immediately is raised, mouth goes out stretched, figure extreme difference, stand by a table as far as possible. The pose is beautiful, furl chin, the hand of bridegroom is put on bridal waist, outward side is holding bouquet range.

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