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Not the future trouble of marriage check, the N that should make marriage check
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Expert proposal, marriage check is to be the bilateral health that get " pass " , a protection protective screen that is healthy marriage and prepotent actor Yo.

The number with marriage thought-provoking check

According to statistic of Ministry of Public Health, 2001, the whole nation joins marriage check number actually 8.79 million person, check gives influential to marriage contagion Bpq I accompany marriage of your one's whole life to celebrate a net
140 thousand person of patient, its neutral is pestiferous 20000 more than person, 84 people of the person that AIDS virus is carried and AIDS patient, madman 15000 much people, 6500 people of patient of serious and hereditary disease. The disease check of marriage check gave rate criterion to amount to 2002 9.29% , basically give priority to with disease of reproductive system, internal medicine and contagious disease, this one word means every 10 have one to because healthy reason should defer to marry,be opposite to new philtrum, unfavorable marriage, unfavorable bear etc.

Applied on October 1, 2003 " marriage registers byelaw " have two large window, it is deal with in people marry or when the divorce registers formalities, need not open a proof to unit or seat of registered permanent residence; The 2 men and womens that are preparative marriage need not accept pre-marital check-ups. This one human nature is changed, those who protect privacy " political reform " the welcome that is allowed new people, however mandatory to cancelling " marriage check " caused a lot of controversy socially. So, what can marriage check check to come after all? For this, new newspaper reporter interviewed center of health care of children of woman of city of Tianjin of marriage check branch (place of health care of Tianjin city woman) Dong Ling of doctor of sanitarian division director, ask an expert to say the benefit that says marriage check to everybody.

Marriage check check what

At present marriage check is divided outside having surgical examination, the DNA that groovy, blood convention has hereditary disease with a few suspicion and still make water is done namely gene examination.

What marriage check is aimed at above all is hereditary disease, include two kinds big: Single gene hereditary disease and polygene hereditary disease. Former because cause ill gene onefold, genetic sicken rate is consequently higher, and because latter causes ill gene multivariate, sicken odds is relatively inferior. At present hereditary disease has more than kinds 4000, without the method of primary treatment, browbeating a move in chess or a movement in wushu with the health of the person of ten million plan, bring anguish and heavy burden to family, country, nation. Pass marriage check to be able to in time discover, do genetic risk to spend according to its circumstance calculate the analysis that reachs genetic kind, undertake prepotent guidance by the doctor, avoid to give birth to a wisdom incomplete or extremely insalubrious child as far as possible.
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