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The little detail that wedding ought to notice that day
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The little detail that wedding ought to notice that day One, food piece 1, the optimal turn that the thing takes before wedding. Bride and a matron of honour are the person with the hungriest that day wedding, from after making up, arrive make bridal chamber end, basically do not have a law to have a thing, connect water to cannot be drunk more even. So, the proposal is new people precondition some the cake that oneself like and beverage (not too those who stick) when leaving marriage room, put on marriage car. Exclusive eatable moment is exterior films in a day go on the road of the hotel, do not affect basically film and and the problem that concern makes up, let bridegroom bride accompany man a matron of honour at the appointed time cram oneself with food oh! 2, the food of bridegroom bride has asked a lot of newlywed person, the first sense that makes bridal chamber is very tired, lie on the bed good hunger (the happiest of course is to bathe, two people count red bag on the bed) , but the cake that careless parent often prepares wedding to go up gives new people, think carefully want to look, in tired thirsty even wine drinks high case to fall, who eats below so stick stick sweet thing. So the opinion of integrated very much new personality, best in those days is bubble surface pull, the cake that still can let parents get on feast of course prepares a few, than cake a lot of. Nevertheless ten million remembers, should prepare the beverage such as mine water for new personality, wrote down hunger to be able to not forget thirsty! 2, article keeps an article is custodial it is very important, I had encountered a lot of new personality to overlook problem of this one detail, a few the fiercest pairs are bridal before beginning, ring cannot be found, can ask others is used only, the bride of lane all the time slouch face, atmosphere was done not have. Actually the thing is taken, because be put together with other thing, thing more than 1 mixed. Still have want oneself to prepare bubbly, and provoking least of all watchful canal is provided -- match. So, proposal people of a new type people, to ring must person specially assigned for a task is responsible, do not leave the left and right sides. Precondition detailed list of a piece of article, arrived after the hotel the kin friend that lets be in charge of technically again check the amount, make clear the position, lest gives error and have not enough time. Additionally the most important is red bag, little a few metropolises make your mood abominable, especially the very much, case that a few pairs are held at the same time lays the person. But should accomplish a bag not to leave a body pretty is actually difficult, because at the appointed time man of ceremonially new personality, partner, a matron of honour and bilateral parents are met come on the stage, so first-rate custodian is the kin that has believed, and be to want him to always be stared at closely. Offer safe like wine shop guest room (the requirement when proposal thing preexistence arranges hotel guest room this) , had locked up rapidly when changing the first clothes. If be not offerred, that looks dead to stare at only firm. Proposal red bag had better not be in the hotel pass the night, make parents careful bring back beforehand. 3, be troubled by bridal chamber piece the small issue that this is an oversight letting a person, be guest water problem. The hotel does not offer drink oh, even if have, the price is expensive do not calculate, the pity with little amount. Hot water heats up what who drinks tea to fall. And the fruit is provided besides be in power actually outside, the effect of satisfy one's thirst is not big. So, proposal beforehand estimation number that makes bridal chamber, prepare one box mineral water, the proposal had better not use the lotion in banquet, when you go attending wedding, stick sticking beverage to be willing to drink? Especially when weather is hotter. 4, flower piece to 5, 6, 7, 9, the new people that married in October, because weather is torrid, the float that has plunged into midday normally, hand holds flower, bosom flower in both hands to be less than a few hours with respect to fade, when so day heat marries, this issue must consider when pattern spends kind of choice, tulip does not suit. Additional, person calling the home prepares empty bottle, a few holes are tied on cap, perhaps be special gush jug, give a flower timely to asperse aspersion. In addition, the pectoral flower of bridegroom must have backup, because adopt the reason with bride and long time,often discover, to the ceremony in the begining, the flower shows the bosom of bridegroom to was planted at 3 o'clock shape, very affect the result. 5, put firecracker piece wedding should be much is originality, so proposal people of a new type can be done in the ceremonially of a few traditions a few improve, the atmosphere that enhances wedding that. Put firecracker for instance, for what not will two string together or 4 strings (a long string enough also) small firecracker, and big firecracker does or of two hearts form, when setting off, from the heart the needle is nodded, heart both sides is set off at the same time, the effect is not many good. Small stick person: 1. The article that wedding carried a hotel that day adds two items again in detailed list: Oil of remove stage makeup and costume, wash grandma and shampoo. After waiting for whole technological process to be over, bridal hair will be a lot of heavier, and remove stage makeup and costume relies on a hotel those east east be no good for certain. This the easiest oversight, remind rapidly. 2. About holding a flower in both hands. Often bridal neglect pulls next holding
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