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Perfect marriage banquet is practical manual
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Perfect marriage banquet is practical manual Had patted marriage gauze to illuminate, accurate new personality should begin to prepare marriage dinner. Chinese tradition is bridal and consuetudinary in the center, marriage banquet has quite important place, the success or failure that celebrates to marriage often has conclusive effect, because this prepares the marriage of an everyone is happy,the banquet can not be an easy thing. Marriage banquet often spends the largest one part in wedding, a lot of respects need to consider to help somebody attain his aim, the reporter passes pair of a few married personages and famous wine shop interview gained a few experience, the people of a new type that enters knot wedding hall with preparation here is shared jointly. What when   of marriage banquet place is selecting the site of marriage banquet, should consider above all is traffic issue, communication is only easy, ability of extend in all directions makes guests avoid to encounter needless trouble when attending marriage dinner, still having is field wants quite big, the space that is hotel interior above all wants big, modern holds wedding very tell air, general a comparatively well-off home, how to also want to place on two desks, the space became little appearing not only miserable and shabby, and guest action rises very no-go, affect the mood of marriage banquet absolutely, the space all round the 2nd hotel wants big, the person that there is a car now is increasing, it is more and more difficult to jockey so, because this hotel must have enough big parking lot is convenient the guest jockeys. Although the content of marriage banquet dish is in today already unlike is so crucial before, but it remains a level that measures level of marriage banquet whole, now the person's mouth be slier and slier, how many what food volume pays attention to only before unlike, pay attention to food quality increasingly however, pay attention to fewer but better, marriage banquet this kind of circumstance particularly such, when choosing a hotel so, had better be sample personally first the dish here, experience the service here, see the distinguishing feature that has oneself, additionally the hotel is in undertake there is gift to give commonly when marriage banquet, include to marry for example 冊 of autograph of flatlet of cake, hotel, honored guest, even marriage gauze photography, festooned vehicle, field is decorated, the gift that answer the door, invitation is waited a moment, give a gift to inspect new personality orders feast quantity and decide, the comparison that adopts these requirements new personality is OK choose caters to the marriage banquet place that he needs. Present youth likes   of marriage banquet form him make public individual character, go up in the choice of banquet as much such. Some jubilation kind and lively, some likes romantic atmosphere, some likes economic material benefit, some jubilation that show the capacity, some jubilation that loosen optional, because this appeared below the banquet of a few kinds of forms. Banquet of marriage of 5 stars class: Hotel of choice star class does important event, the price does not poor admittedly, but bride, bridegroom is in that day, can resemble host really general, enjoy take care of supremely with envy. All show high instinctive quality, the famished look of marriage banquet and service also are top-ranking level of course, sufficient your guest and host is used up joyous. Banquet of ball type marriage: Some youths have new position and outstanding energy, do not like to do obeisance to heaven and earth traditionally, feel very “ earth ” , a lot of people like to do a dance, share the sort of unforgettable happiness jointly for an organic whole with guest be in harmony. Such marriage banquet is very foreign change, very elegant, very along with promote, the means of meal uses self-help formula mostly, everybody after wine full meal is full, hearing music, sing merrily and dance gracefully, swing to the top of one's bent, all without exception is happy. Banquet of marriage of afternoon tea type: Banquet of this kind of marriage does not pay attention to the itself of marriage banquet, and more it is to chatting in the center, enjoy happiness with easy way. Banquet of traditional pattern marriage: Banquet of this kind of marriage is right those disposition not very the person that make public likes to place ostentatious ostentation and extravagance not quite is best choice absolutely, it not only economy is substantial, and drink in bowls flesh of “ big impediment is big the distance between guest and host was pulled among ” , not make the best of both worlds. Marriage banquet serves as an important matter of life, most person very be willing to part with or use spends money, but be willing to part with or use puts in be willing to part with or use 's charge, also should not do not have designedly to waste, no matter choose above,the marriage banquet of the sort of type should make a detailed budget in early days, the amount that when placing banquet fete guest greatly, involves amounts to several yuan of above, careful calculation and strict budgeting answers when ordering feast so, especially each unit price and the charge that those losing sight of (if open bottle of cost to wait) should define in black and white more, avoid verbal commitment. The banquet price that selects additionally does not want with at the outset the budget differs too big, because of all but of one desk feast, tens of desks differ a lot of, but attempt and hotel controller bargain, 刪 reduces redundant project or privilege, the money that such new personality spend just is applied effectively. Guest list   invites a guest in marriage banquet is one holds out headaching thing, how had orchestrated land of guest list appropriate, make its have the effect of add to the fun in marriage banquet, this is a knowledge absolutely! Guest list comprises the kin friend of ——— woman father and mother, man parents and new personality both sides by 4 parts commonly. According to tradition, the one party that holds wedding commonly decides the guest's amount, distribute list balancedly. But if likely, should bilateral discuss how to allocate a number jointly. Be when choice guest and do not beg you all friends gather rise, answer to consider a few feasibility condition more, tell from economic angle, every many person is much share charge actually, if you have a budget to your marriage banquet, you increase invitation number to be able to reduce marriage banquet the quality of other side, the person that is invited so should be those cares your and in you the person that there is important sense in life, in marriage banquet the smile place that you hoped to be familiar with by warmth of course that day surrounds, is not those face that you do not know to go out temporarily. Be worth what carry is the certain number of marriage banquet, want to be about to computation comes out and tell a hotel final desk is counted before a month, such ability won't happen temporarily   is added desk or remove desk, create marriage banquet spot crowded or too the phenomenon of hollowness. Order in fete when, besides wanting to have fixed arrangement to master attend a banquet, also answer to other visitor prearrange position, relatives and friends is displeased as a result of ado when avoiding. So system the practice of a bit is to make up pew beforehand, allocate stage number, make guest enters his each, everyone is happy. Friendship reminds   with one action does wedding to prepare marriage dinner is first time to most person, because this is met to go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of a lot of a n experienced person, but this does not mean the marriage banquet that should prepare this completely according to the opinion of others, marriage banquet takes his kin, friend and member of a few societies to the side of oneself, the purpose depends on doing a testimony to be united in wedlock to be together and live jointly to new personality, because this still wants to put the central issue on him body, go doing according to oneself practice, big him plan is taken! The 2nd should have to invitation guest before marriage banquet begins roughly understanding, especially those the other side invite invitation guest, having a few had not been contacted before this, recognize the appearance that can avoid to produce awkwardness in marriage banquet one time each other to invitation register beforehand so. The 3rd should understand guest nature first when arranging a place. The some in guest is introvert, some disposition extroversion, endless and one, answer to treat respectively to them: Indrawn friend and extroversion friend as far as possible suitable and sit, had better be acquaintance sit in one desk together, indrawn friend does not forget when accost guest, timely ground and they are communicated, can make they feel very kind. The 4th treat oneself special the friend that be close friends is unfavorable also expenditure speaks too for long, because be in marriage banquet that day, a lot of things need new personality to do, if used a long time to go accost friend, so the whole process of marriage banquet is met backward defer. The 5th in marriage banquet new personality is unavoidable to want to be proposed a toast by close friends, but must be partly compliant, what a cup of cup cannot show to work certainly when beginning is forthright, no matter be old friend,still be metropolis and you come to new friend otherwise a “cheers” , newly-married drunk wine always is not a favour, be about before marriage banquet so ready-made, carry two meetings to drink and the glib a matron of honour that accompany man serves as pretext. The 6th in marriage banquet that day because new personality is too busy, often oversight breakfast, such doing is very bad to his health actually, do not think ” of banquet of alleged “ marriage can have how many thing, actually rather, discover in marriage dinner scene you are met before long so busy that be too busy to have a thing at all, and breakfast was become of only also is a meal last among you are one day. On marriage banquet the meal need not have, but wine cannot be drunk less readily however, hollow drink very easy faint. Because this is before marriage banquet,should look for time to have something more as far as possible.
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