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Concoctive division helps you design unique wedding (graph)
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From Beijing Rebecca

My archaeology major graduates, fiance is a worker that researchs modern science and technology, we want to make primitive with the wedding that exceeds contemporary photograph union, price control is in 50 thousand yuan of less than, excuse me, where should we be, how ability is custom-built give have primitive and clannish amorous feelings already, have the wedding that surmounts spatio-temporal prospective feeling again? If do not search marriage celebrate a company, where can custom-built the dress that gives complete set and prop?

When selecting site for wedding, 3 the firstest principles are: Space (the necessary space that whether provides place of of all kinds ceremony to need, whether can contain all visitor comfortably off) , traffic (whether to go to the lavatory a travel, whether to have enough parking space) , plasticity (whether can decorate adequately according to oneself intention and be fond of) —— holds these 3 principles, basically select bridal to yours site.

And want “ to have folk-custom of primitive and clannish amorous feelings already, have the place that surmounts spatio-temporal prospective feeling again ” , look in me, basically should rely on an environment to decorate, interior decoration design, if yourself itself is right this is not familiar, still give professional personage will do more appropriate. The price of the dress of custom-built complete set and prop criterion but Gao Ke is low. The product of movie and TV that can ask major makes a company be you custom-built, also can go to film factory (the shadow that be like north) the place of and so on is rented.

From Beijing Kathy

I am special agree to direct Chen Kexin to once had said, be fed up with wedding, cross this kind of form such as birthday to feel very make beautiful show, also do not want to become oneself on wedding a doll by relatives and friends people do sth over and over again, but to marriage I am having very strong expectation value, how can I do to belong to my, have the wedding of sweet memory again, crucial not so loaded down with trivial details?

Above all, sit, make oneself quiet 10 minutes, think well: What is the bridal style that you like after all? No matter be read from inside the book, oneself had attended, still see in film TV, what kind of is that one wedding that you like most? Pass this course, you can describe a bridal style that belongs to you roughly. Next, think again carefully: What is your characteristic? He your has again what kind of outstanding characteristic, make him such in your heart extraordinary?
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