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About holding the note with garden bridal villa
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A romantic garden villa is bridal, it is a lot of brides the bridal occasion in the dream. The dream becomes reality nowadays already not difficult, but the ground in how if dream,letting it perfect? The problem that you may encounter is very much, avoid the best method of these problems, go beforehand your marriage celebrates a company to ask these the question.

1, is villa in bridal is that day I am used only?   

If mention expressly in serving an item,offer a villa to serve as the bridal chamber of new personality, be in what this villa offerred wedding to restrict people of a new type to the autograph only that day to use, in other words, if you do not want to share bridal villa with the person, had better do in the service this one is made clear in discussing.   

2, is marriage room set in villa?   

Do not have marriage room besides partial villa, need searchs marriage house additionally besides, room of average villatic and bridal marriage includes to be in villa, when the choice is villatic, be sure to affirm this!

3, can we hold marriage dinner inside villa? If can, what does need notice?

If you are decided villa has such place, villatic nature also can use the land as marriage banquet, normally marriage banquet with round-table form have dinner, new personality can consider to change other form, be like long table, buffet. So, had better make an on-the-spot investigation beforehand or take an examination of enquire to concerned personnel field is clear, so that reach early arrangement.

4, as a kind of Western-style wedding, suit to choose the wedding of Chinese style and dish form not quite on marriage banquet?

Below most circumstance, the wedding of match well of Chinese and Western, the marriage banquet that uses Chinese style entertains a honored guest entertains new personality, also have those who choose buffet, in light of combinative China tradition, if have more if generation comes round to attend wedding, buffet was accepted not quite easily.

5, is lawn ceremony a window in garden wedding but in case how to rain to do?

The time that wedding of choose of general new person selected holds is in basically 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, held in December, these month are the season with the less rain in a year, but, in case the state that experience rains, in different garden villa, bridal plan can have different equipment choose plan to offer, ensure wedding is successful and satisfactory.

6, is the cost with garden bridal villa higher than other wedding?

The photograph is bridal to be being held in traditional hotel, meet besides other public house the space with extra collection besides charge, the position with garden bridal villa is different, the price of marriage banquet also can differ somewhat, for photograph comparing, the banquet of the villatic wedding that the center is even inside city is used and hotel, guest the photograph is cheaper than still be being belonged to, a meeting of outskirts is more a few cheaper.
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