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Perfect wedding 9 gist element (recommend)
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The element that a perfect bridal need has has a lot of. Right to the clique for wedding, how making the meat place with the environment to wedding, bridal guest satisfied also is the foundation of tectonic and perfect wedding. And the adornment detail that passes a design is the important element that makes bridal romance feel, and a variety of can affect wedding joy that can invite attendant guest through these clever detail are new people most look forward to.

The candle power of foil atmosphere

The candle power of 1. foil atmosphere

Arrived the orgiastic clique in the evening is right period of time, still cannot the detail of bridal atmosphere behaves oversight warmth, mensal go up or on a few chic smooth adornment are placed on the stage, suit night to send pair of bridal environments very much. Candle power and an ancient wine vessel made of horn prepare people mutual reflect, what check the school is costly show without more than.

Pack elegant little gift

2. packs elegant little gift

The bridal commemoration day that leaves a visitor is an exquisite little gift, try to will be fond of candy and a small card to be put together, can imprint on card on your photograph, still can add a few written languages, if write,go up your marriage date, wait for content to guest feeling thank-you speech. The colour of outer packing had better accord with bridal emotional appeal, pink is more romantic.

Sweet and bridal cake

Cake of 3. sweet wedding

Bridal cake is sweet marriage those who begin is indicative, the guest of bridal cake deal out that the wedding of whatever form should prepare to be sent individually is celebrated with showing. Go up to wedding in the clique, cake is differ want surely huge and clinking, colour collocation is harmonious and those who have new idea is more welcome, for instance fruit cake can use profusion colour to regard expression as the key.

Self-help type advocate eat

4. dish savors taste

Self-help type advocate eat advocate whether does the dish type of eat accord with guest people taste is very important. If you are right,is a bottom in this heart, can ask guest beforehand people of taste roughly preference, and the dish form that chooses a few guest to like more when deciding dish form with dining-room finally, if choose, is characteristic dining-room, choose the characteristic food that a few have public praise more won't wrong.
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