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Wedding Golden Week "white horse" the sought-after master of ceremonies freque
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National Day Golden Week this year, just a few traditional "auspicious", with positive long holiday, so this letter as a wedding during the Golden Week Golden Week. A large number of married couples get together, so that the size of marriage Celebrate the company busy enjoying themselves and celebrations. This reporter learned that, because married couples get together, fire a handful of wedding market. Contractor not only more than a hotel wedding, often used as wedding cars BMW cars "emergency", master of ceremonies seriously Shortage, a "frequent moonlighting", once again highlighted the contradiction between demand and supply of wedding professionals. But reporters from the Association of Wedding Etiquette, Zibo City, learned that the future may be under the auspices of the Association, through personnel training, certificates, the establishment of An information sharing platform to ease the manpower shortage and the information asymmetry wedding contradiction. Wedding news from industry associations, Zibo City, was informed that during the Golden Week this year, both large and small companies for the wedding ceremony in rural or urban areas, almost all live. Some companies even need to hurry around, many studio Make those who come, they almost stayed up all night. It is understood that the reason for such a marriage boom in intensive, on the one hand because of Golden Week, there are several traditional "auspicious", used to pre-selected "good days" of old age Who will advance their children's wedding set at this time. Young people also seek leave to have time, friends can get together, will the wedding be in the Golden Week. This year's Golden Week for the wedding market, a handful of fire, through the wedding wedding car hire company's price is rising, used as a white BMW car wedding car is hot. Master Wang Huantai driver of a unit, told reporters Early January, with the unit leadership is about to greet someone, say like to take car of marriage with. Although leadership is once again shirk, but the final Golden Week, made three times his car wedding car. BMW sought-after in the same time, Huantai The Wedding Banquet is the major hotel again and again, and sometimes had to put up "X House wedding," the sign of being guided. According to Mr. Zhu, a wedding company who introduced Oct. 5 day 4 of his company have organized weddings, wedding host 4 requirements of high or secondary audio equipment, and vehicles, emcee, video division to a larger gap appears More important. He told reporters that the wedding video cost more than the 1,000 yuan / field, master of ceremonies is to spend more money to be found. Zibo City Wedding Industry Association vice Rengao Shou Lin told reporters that there are many married in October Good day, scheduled to be master of ceremonies sometimes 2 months in advance. Talent shortage of wedding get together at the wedding day once again shown that many new people looking for part-time staff guest. Wedding talent shortage caused by certain objective reasons. Wedding industry has uneven distribution of the time difference Inherent bottleneck, marriages have selected a good day, resulting in a wedding talent "when bored very busy, busy, busy time." How to solve the personnel shortage in the wedding? Igor Lin said that the current Association of Zibo City Wedding Etiquette Have begun to do the work, by regulating the market, human resources training for wedding professionals such as solutions to shortage. A reporter asked, "Is it possible to create a supply and demand sides of information sharing platform to share what they need on this platform?" The other said that to solve the problem of asymmetric information supply and demand is the association made the next step Development Goals.
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