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Wedding supplies into the layout and master of ceremonies wedding season prices
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May is married to a peak, with the "May Day" approaching, wedding supplies began to enter the sales season. Yesterday, a reporter from Hangzhou wedding photographic equipment markets understand that the past month, sales of wedding dress was up, and the thousand or so of the wedding most brides of all ages. At the same time, businesses have been offering their promotional activities for wedding supplies, activities, time will continue until "May Day" Golden Week. Laura settled in Hangzhou, photographic equipment, wedding dress market has three or four years, the main business is wedding planning services, including hotel arrangements, wedding car, master of ceremonies, bridal makeup and wedding video and so on. "After New Year after it like a business, in March than in February turnover of at least 1 times more than estimated in April will be very busy business, or 5 months later and then gradually go bad. To our side the next Customers usually choose a single one-stop service, train service five or six thousand dollars is the most popular. even though business was good, but we do not raise prices, the price of the hotel layout and master of ceremonies but cheaper than in the previous two years . mainly because the shops are doing more and more wedding services, competition is fierce. "Laura said the staff of the wedding. Also in the wedding market, Hangzhou photographic equipment business Kita Square, the main business dress. The past month, have doubled the sales of wedding dresses, and Qingming small holiday period, the best day to sell the business twenty senders. And the same period last year, this year's wedding is not price fluctuations. However, brides are increasingly focused on the quality of the wedding, most recently, the price at between 700 -1000 dollars wedding the most popular, selling better. Spotted in May of this wave of wedding business, Hangzhou, wedding supplies major supermarkets competing to come up promotional activities. Century Lianhua, pushing from the beginning of "wedding supplies section," for up to two weeks. During the event, to buy bedding, small appliances, pots products, red wine, candy, donated 100 yuan over 200 coupons (coupon coupon bedding with 55 yuan, 15 yuan small appliances, 15 per pot products, 10 red wine, 5 yuan candy). Century Union official says Huaqing Chun shop, most recently, wedding supplies, sales and last year almost. Is expected late this month in the sales volume will significantly increase. "We recently introduced a variety of promotions, time may be extended to the 'May Day' later." Tomorrow played on April 21, Vanguard will also be for the candy, bedding and kitchen supplies packages offered. Such as the wedding was more used several brands of candy, have benefits: Dove chocolate at least 30 yuan by 3 yuan, 40 yuan by at least 4 yuan, 50 yuan by at least 5 yuan; Poetry City, Alpine 9.5 fold to play . Vanguard staff said that after the end of this wave of activity, will continue to introduce the wedding activities will increase when the number of goods, discounts, potentially even greater.
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