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Guangdong Women Federation will organize a mass wedding couples have the opport
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22, the Guangdong Provincial Women's Federation held a press conference said that Guangdong "Spring Green Road? Million with Music" series launching ceremony cum "New Year? New? New way of" collective wedding ceremony will be held on New Year's Day in 2011, "the New Year? New? New Way of "collective wedding invites applications from now on, the couple have access to the value of the nearly million gift packs and services. CPPCC Vice Chairman of Guangdong Province, the Provincial Women's Federation President Wen Lanzi in the news conference, Guangdong "Spring Green Road? Million with Music" series of activities by the provincial Women's Federation and jointly organized by the South Newspaper Group. In mobilizing and organizing the family "Spring Green Road? Million fun," he also held grand grand "New Year? New? New way" mass wedding, to let new people in the new year, pairs the first day, with the end harmonious union, work companions, opened the first page of a new life, opening a new family of natural harmony and began a new journey in vibrant, like the Green Road, and into the future, Love in the Green Road junction edge nature, the new life more happy and good. Guangdong "Spring Green Road? Million with Music" series of activities including "New Year? New? New way" mass wedding, "Spring Green Road, Vanguard fun" activities, "Spring Green Road, Vanguard Fun" Essay Competition, photography competitions. "Happy New Year? New? New way" mass wedding as the "Spring Green Road? Million Fun" series of the event, Wen Lanzi said it has three highlights: First, high standards, moral good. In addition to the collective wedding ceremony and launch of the Lord, co-organized by leaders from outside the bureau, provincial leaders and celebrities will be invited for new people to witness in person, presentation of souvenirs and posed for pictures. Choose to January 1, 2011, a collective wedding ceremony held in the Green trail, above all, blessed hope the new people in the green trail, flying dreams, start a new life, whole life, long long time, peaceful and happy, all the way Shunda. Ling Wai, also through the 100 couples set an example, model driven more young people and the province of urban and rural families in changing, frugal life, the basis, promoting a new philosophy of life, establishing a new attitude to life, low-carbon life, participation in environmental protection, the promotion of harmony between man and nature man, man and society to develop a civilized and healthy interest in life, and jointly create a bright new life of happiness. Second, concession, packs big. Participate in the collective wedding each couple as a wedding just to pay 1999 yuan cost of subsidies for basic food and accommodation during the period, a chance to win a gift package worth nearly million, and quality service. Including: the value of the diamond family sent 3,000 of the 18K Diamond necklace, wedding center century wedding photography studio coupons sent 1990 yuan, the Australian clothing company that sent Spike over 1,000 suits coupon, five-star hotel accommodation, 1 day, beautiful couple souvenir, a cosmetics 300 value, free bridal makeup, wearing a beautiful dress the bride to participate in activities free of charge, you can also participate in Guangdong CITS sent overseas honeymoon in Bali, and Hainan Island, five-day Flying Sitian You lucky draw . Third, rich, exciting activities. Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, a collective wedding ceremony held at Exhibition Park, where lush vegetation, landscape embraced the views of scattered, charming and pleasant. Mass wedding, in addition to your provincial leaders for the new witnesses, souvenirs, posed for pictures, but also carefully planned new organization had concentric bridge, throwing the ball good luck, happy growing evergreen trees, etc., and have floats Shuttle, photographers tracking shooting, grand and warm, romantic, can give new people the impression of sweet memories. "Happy New Year? New? New way of" collective wedding invites applications from today, where more than half a year working and living in Guangdong, January 1, 2010 to the registration date for the new marriage registration are eligible to participate. In accordance with the principle of first come to accept 100 couples register, first-served basis.
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