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U.S. recession gold Chinese wedding products affected payment practices of thi
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According to the U.S. "World News" reported that the economic recession, the U.S. also affected to some extent the Chinese wedding. Popular ceremony, wrapped in the life of the Fujianese community gold this year, the wedding was feeling the "Golden Quality" thin section. Because the wedding was one of many dubbed the "Wedding City" (Wedding Town) of the New York Chinatown, this year a lot less people to marry. Fujianese community Phi gold bride wedding customs, the economic situation is good in the past year, pushing the gold shop business was hot, but this year, gold shop operators have expressed difficulty in marketing gold. Chinatown East Broadway, said Mr. Chen, a gold shop operators to store the deposit significantly reduced this year, Chinese ornaments, more than 10% of the business so cool. One of his distant relatives in Virginia restaurant, originally planned to get married this year, Chinatown office in New York wedding and in his store to buy gold, but the economy began late last year was bad, this "couples" worry Giving money difficult relatives and friends, do not justify the principal wedding, so the wedding postponed. In the Fujianese community, many people are from a region distant neighbors, folks asking each other for the custom wedding has been prevailing in the United States. Said district, including the red envelope was a routine expenses Fujian, but pack a lot of money to others, received a little money in case he got married bride and groom will make a loss, so some young people do not rush into marriage to delay marriage, such as the economy improves and then a wedding . Zheng Hui, another gold shop owner said that this year the price of gold increased, but less people to buy gold, those who still buy gold for weddings and people, shooting is not as generous as in the past. He said: "Fuzhou still have to follow the custom of marriage, still want to buy gold jewelry and diamonds, but the weight has decreased, gold shop business is down this year, 15-20 percent." However, this year the price of gold soared, and incomes shrink, weakening the momentum of this is to buy gold, another reason. According to employment agencies estimate that over the past odd jobs in restaurants who earn 1,800 yuan a month, now shrunk to 1,300 yuan. Gold shop owners have indicated that, in contrast, people who rent the wedding gold increased. Many families rent Fujian in the custom of gift giving, that in order to look good on video at the wedding, so couples face support, family wedding for the bride in a big head of gold hanging, but after the wedding, gold should be returned to the gold shop. Zheng Hui said that this year fewer people get married there are other reasons, including the wedding price is too high. This economy, many people spending pressure. But he believes the wedding banquet wedding market is more than a few years ago, few restaurants and fry up the price, almost the same dishes, into general activities, the price almost halved.
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