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First wedding Ordinance shall not detain the new film
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December 1st, the wedding industry's first national standard "marriage celebration service" into effect. The standard of the wedding's qualifications, level of service proposed strict requirements. First implemented in December wedding GB Yesterday, the China Social Work Association of Wedding Industry Commission staff told reporters that China's first national standard wedding "marriage ceremony services" has been adopted by the AQSIQ and the National Standards Commission's approval, will be December 1 implementation, and this is the wedding industry's first national standards. According to the standard, wedding service providers must have the qualifications of licensed marriage ceremony services; in the business premises publicity services, charges; wedding planner professional wedding planners should take; wedding should be used Meet the quality requirements of the equipment, facilities; full-time staff prior to the wedding should carefully check the equipment and facilities used to ensure normal. Standards, a wedding business in the dressing room should have a special, wedding to be health and safety. Reporter visited found that many companies have said there wedding wedding business, but some is just an office or a small store, and some wedding companies is equivalent to a florist, there is no specific dress fitting room. Wedding photo film company owned by the customer Under the new standards, making pictures of wedding service companies, such as videos and CDs, should ensure the quality, and to the prescribed time to the customer, including raw materials such as film, digital data and video tapes. It is understood that in recent years has been basically replaced by the digital film, most of the wedding is the electronic version of the photo to sell the customer, withholding less negative phenomenon. Shenyang City Chamber of Commerce in celebration of the industry, said Tian Feng, however, this provision of the standard is also very necessary, because in the event of a dispute, the standard will become the basis for arbitration or adjudication, whereby consumers rights, the same , Also help to promote development of the industry. Tian Feng also said that this provision must first wedding company in the implementation of the future will be gradually extended to the studio. Must protect the safety of the wedding site Fireworks exploded when the wedding, ribbon wounding a common occurrence, on-site security is of utmost concern to all newcomers. New standards require that the wedding company to take effective measures to ensure safety, prevent all kinds of accidents. Which included the development of on-site security measures, development of on-site emergency plan and to assign full-time staff on-site Safety and fire and so on. Meanwhile, the wedding company vehicles used in the wedding should ensure normal operation, safe driving, and clean. Practitioners will be certificates Shenyang City Chamber of Commerce in celebration of the industry, said Tian Feng, present, Shenyang has more than 1,000 wedding companies, wedding 60,000 sessions on the contractor. In recent years, the company ranks were growing wedding trend, however, there are also the phenomenon of mixed . Standard raised the threshold of the wedding company, is conducive to the healthy development of the wedding industry. Tian Feng also said that the standard is only the most basic requirement, that a table a chair out of wedding companies will face. Tian Feng said that in the standard release before the wedding industry in Shenyang relevant local standards. At present, Shenyang is promoting formal wedding contract; master of ceremonies, camera, etc. will be certificates; and plans to record the wedding vehicles To ensure quality of service.
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