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Wedding website shiny New Era
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25-year-old Tian Wenwen intend to get married this year, in order to collect where wedding photographs, buy a diamond ring, how to make arrangements for weddings, where to honeymoon, and she can be had a lot of brains. She likes shopping 55BBS found that many wedding photography House have uploaded a lot of appreciation for their own Photo Gallery. After seeing a "help me to make arrangements for a 55 beautiful wedding," the article, Tian Wenwen was very excited, I feel whether it is wedding photography, or wedding can be in the process of With the help of the network become quite perfect. She decided to also rely on the wedding site to make arrangements for their wedding. After 80 such as Tian Wenwen, marriage is no longer for them to do to others, but for the pursuit of a personality, a kind of fashion. In this demand, the intervention of the wedding site to 80 who entered a "new era of marriage" . Crazy Marriage Trivia very complicated marriage, one by one to understand too much trouble, and when there are just a few, so Tianwen Wen went to consult her friends have been married for two years - Zou Philippines. Never been married and that information is unclear who Chu, while married people are well aware of these. Mention of their wedding, Zou from the Philippines to introduce the experience in high spirits. "In the wedding site, a lot of this information, you can look at the evaluation of word of mouth is good to know. I wedding car, small gifts are in the online search Find and buy. "Although the experience of two years ago, Zou Philippines is still fresh in my memory about it. To purchase wedding, she first checked on the net a bit, see the evaluation of the Wukesong photographic equipment City is better to directly kill Went there. Zou for advice to the Philippines after completing Tianwen Wen think that can be more aggressive use of Internet to search for relevant information. Once in a lifetime, Tian Wenwen and therefore their wedding exceptionally detailed, personally attended to every little detail, Fear of missing something. But the experience of someone who told her something very tedious wedding day, the total easily Chupi Lou. Entangled for a long time, she decided to go online to find a better wedding company to plan it. 55BBS Wedding Channel editor Di Fenglian accept the "Computer World" interview, that we are experiencing the biggest baby boom since the founding of these 70 and 80 will enter the marriageable age. As e-commerce Popularity of the Internet to find wedding services will continue to increase, which will drive the development of the wedding Web site to enter a peak period. Related statistics also show that, in recent years, the national average of more than 800 million couples registered to get married. Married couples each year at the wedding only the consumption of more than 500 billion yuan, and now the total spending is still growing wedding, wedding Consumption, including wedding photos, wedding, honeymoon, etc.. Now, young people full of character, marriage is no longer a purely hosted, more of a spirit of enjoyment. More and more attention to new cultural dimension, fashion, health, culture, individuality. Wedding market research reports, 62.9% of the new wedding to be held, the grade also has a larger wedding promotion, wedding lights, music, master of ceremonies and other standards are also climbing. In addition, marriage continue to expand the scope of consumption Big, Take the wedding, the bride wedding dress rental from the past, has become a selection of new home purchase. Wedding Website crowding together The rapid development of the wedding industry, businesses also took aim at the spread of these intermediary network information - wedding site, wedding web site development is being ushered in the spring. Which was created in 2006 has now become a channel 55BBS marriage marriage Important industry sites every day, thousands of PV, also got a million pictures gallery. Quanzhou, Fujian Province has been done in the information services of local life, surrounded by Mr. Chen to see many students have their own marriage, sense of smell, he saw an opportunity, have taken advantage of all the wedding network launched, starting with the wedding. He is quickly caught, as this can be a lot of people promoting business opportunities, at present, many second and third tier cities regard the wedding site as a local "star" business task, or even to make a transition directly to the wedding. Not only that , Wedding as a sunrise industry in the country reached the popular level, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, wedding companies have mushroomed. However, the current function of the wedding site is still relatively simple, is mainly responsible for the information collection, collation. With wedding websites, many businesses get the benefits. August wedding photo studio and a lot of cooperation for a long website Time, the effect is relatively significant. High-end positioning in the crowd almost every studio in August for the first time customers into the store are from the network learned. 1000 per month to the left and right of the new wedding photographs here, of which 30% Over the old client referrals. Even when wedding website was a long time, August is still very conservative studio, and wedding sites are generally activity-based cooperation. "We give a low discount wedding site, wedding web site has brought me many consumers, and then To their rebate. "Brand Manager Liu Beihang studio in August, said the media because they do not know that there is no practical effect, a lot of advertising that they can not afford to vote, we can only" an unwise move. " This habit is common practice in the industry. For insurance purposes, a lot of wedding photography floor, on the one hand the customer through customer driven approach to attract new users, one is to do activities with the wedding website to drive sales . In addition to wedding photography, wedding and more companies to seek business opportunities in the wedding site. In 2006, diamond sales network into Beijing, the brand when the diamond bird, first and 55BBS cooperation. In many first-tier cities, small diamonds Birds use a lot of energy and cooperation in local mainstream forums, such as Shanghai, fence net, Hangzhou, 19th floor. In recent years, diamonds have become the wind and water birds of e-commerce brands, wedding websites and forums related to the strength of Not be underestimated. "Forum marketing interaction and feedback of users is very good, very beneficial to the grassroots and the People First online brand communication." Instituted this DIAMOND brand and marketing manager Xu Xiaoxue birds feel more Had a very far-sighted approach. Last year, diamond sales of 3.2 billion birds this year, want to reach 5 billion yuan, of which 30% of Beijing's sales have come from 55BBS. Diamond bird tasted the sweetness into the city every now, the main city and the local Forum co-flow. "Wedding website is an important channel for us, we experience the city shop building will be a very important factor to consider - the city is there a more mainstream forum, so that it sets the target population In forum marketing to start easier. "Xu Xiaoxue told reporters. Is not easy to make money Although the popular wedding site, but it is not paved with gold. Beijing, Ms. Liu started from the wedding site in 2007, but the more boring the more dry, the company's venue rental, staff costs, combined to spend 70 million a year, However, only profit-making 30 million a year. The past two years, investors have been losing money reared them. Originally, Ms. Liu's company is in the bustling CBD, where many white-collar workers, brought the company address will also leave a good impression. However, in order to save costs, Liu ready to move the company benefits from the new West Street CBD . In the CBD, her rent is 8,500 yuan a month, moved to new place, she can save a lot of rent. Liu also recall that when the time the wedding site is the fire, and even sell jade, jewelry sales people came to take a slice. "Now most of the wedding site are two or three companies, and some in addition to the boss, all part-time . " Diamond bird have input every year 55BBS 7 digits, so some mature wedding website My life is still relatively bright, but the market there are many more fish shrimp did not make a profit. It is understood that some of the larger cities Has hundreds of wedding sites, several websites began to remove the profit, the other are basically hard support. The wedding industry chain in Beijing, in addition to long marriage network, 55BBS the marriage Channel flies slightly better, big Part of the wedding sites in half dead state. The annual cost of these companies are often at 10 million, the address registered in the home, usually one-person company, to update, then to find a part-time. "Want to wait Day venture fancy, higher price to go, make a small fortune. "Liu told reporters that many people have this mentality. In the search for profit, the wedding site also done a lot of try. At first, the industry wants to expand traffic and sell ads. But the wedding site, the user is almost "disposable", the number of registrations does not mean anything , A small minority traffic to your site will not be too high. "But advertisers do not know the truth, just look at what the high traffic to your site, so many fake sites began to flow." An industry insider told reporters. Some wedding sites and even "cheat" advertising, advertising their first wedding ZARA "active" to be placed on advertising, in fact, this is free hang, and then go to another studio money, tell them "even in our ZARA This is advertising, and you make a right. "A lot of businesses are on the way so the" Road "children, but over time, a small trick to be penetrated, not many businesses to believe. Later, this method also failed, the wedding Web site again in the above e-commerce, sell some products and services. But Liu complained, "the Web to find discounts are often students or low-end users, end use Users do not want to find online. This allows goods not sold price. " Wedding websites and businesses hundreds of dollars vouchers agreed and no "uniqueness", user can talk directly to the studio to cut prices under. "My first wedding photographs on a flyer from the roadside to see. At that time, prices are Offer, I took. Later, my classmates wedding photos, special offers have been finished, the merchant also was given the same concessions. These so-called benefits are a cover photography company. "Philip felt a little uncomfortable Zou . "Portrait studio riffraff, to not admit the blink of an eye. Wedding website and studio collaboration, that discount is the lowest; but blink of an eye, studio and other sites to further cooperation, play the same or a lower discount, which is both Cooperation and disadvantage. "Ms. Liu mentioned channel, and now the wedding industry is chaotic, you really want to make money is difficult. A wedding Web site to do the industry complained to reporters, it is difficult to rely solely on advertising revenue to the site, and is mostly dependent activities. "Engage in a line activities, then with online advertising, business will foot the bill. But Is a pure advertising, merchants will not pay. " In addition, the user, the wedding website is also in a dilemma of the state. Low-end users do not have much value, just keep that price; high-end customers do not love the Internet, making choices is through word of mouth.
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