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Jiujiang early adopters Western romantic evening atmosphere of casual outdoor we
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On the trees on the breeze, the open outdoor venue, the musical fountain to help out, the bride dressed in white wedding dress, red carpet sections to the other side of waiting for her groom, hundreds of guests or stand or sit, or walk through the wedding scene, while sipping champagne, fruit and refreshments, while warm and sincere wishes for the new ... ... 28 evening, a large hotel in front of Jiujiang the edge of South Lake, staged a new western-style evening outdoor wedding, attracted Many members of the public eye. Western-style evening outdoor wedding for the people of Jiujiang, or a new thing, it can break the people's traditional marriage customs in Jiujiang, a slice in the wedding market it?

Easy Romantic Western-style wedding, the young men

Jiujiang customs, the wedding is at noon, few held in the evening, because the locals believe that the wedding night is the second marriage or after marriage to become the second. Jiujiang, a traditional wedding, get married often are wandering around in the street car, then please friends and family to the hotel to eat and drink a pass. Western style a little bit up to the church is held in a ceremony. This Western-style evening outdoor wedding appeared, immediately aroused a lot of people, especially the young. "Western-style evening outdoor wedding relaxed, casual, like the wedding as the ball, eliminating the bad habits of eating and drinking traditional wedding, booing urging people to drink less, more romantic warmth, very good!" A lot of wedding guests said. "I was the first time to participate in this wedding scene shines, romantic feeling very relaxed, very healthy, I want to get married once was!" Joked Ms. Huang public.

Guests do not know etiquette, wedding dilute the "foreign" taste

Wedding Association, vice president of Jiangxi Province Hu Qin told reporters, according to etiquette, to participate in Western-style evening outdoor wedding, guests should dress up. Ladies usually wear skirts, men need to wear a suit and tie. Taking into account some guests may not understand these rituals, the wedding invitations sent also specifically stated in the "Please dress up to attend." But reporters on the scene that most of the day's guests did not wear suits, some even wearing a thick jacket and sneakers. Guests dressed in Chinese clothing, intense exposure to Western style wedding, really at odds, and even some funny, diluting the wedding of "foreign" flavor. "May the guests are not comfortable with, or without this awareness, along with the popularity of this wedding, I believe we will pay attention to these rituals of the future." Hu Qin said.

Western-style wedding market, the company optimistic about the wedding

In the scene, the reporter asked a dozen unmarried guests at the time of marriage will consider such Western-style evening outdoor wedding, the vast majority of people have expressed interest, but there are some people found it difficult to accept, there are two main reasons, one is the custom. Exhibit colors because the outdoor wedding in white, except the white wedding, the wedding will appear in the other white decoration. This is of older people, is guilty of taboo; second is price. In Jiujiang, traditional wedding held in a medium, calculated by 200 guests, you need 2 to 3 million, while the outdoor wedding venue, chef, cutlery, site layout and other costs than the high Chinese wedding, the wedding is off, at least 6 to 8 million.

Still, many companies are still very optimistic about the Western-style wedding ceremony in this market. Hu Qin told reporters, although Western-style wedding in Jiujiang has just begun, there is a public process of acceptance, but now after 80, 90 young people get married more willing to spend money, more and more fashion, they will be very easy to accept This new wedding. Hu Qin believes that the current Jiujiang of Jiangxi as well as the lack of personalized wedding market competition, each wedding's mode of operation similar. The introduction of such Western-style evening outdoor wedding, the difference in competition, they will be assigned on the market from a big wedding cake.

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