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Shanghai China road
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People road " marriage gauze a street " did not have, still have other " marriage gauze a street " ? The reporter discovers yesterday, the Huang Pu in back-to-back people road Ou Xiaodong door is street on China road, new " marriage gauze a street " already showed sadly, many businessmen are the people road from before " marriage gauze a street " remove and come. Personage of know the inside story discloses, henceforth, new " marriage gauze a street " still extend Xiang Nayan to revive road.

Yesterday morning, the reporter discovers here, area of nearly 30 gates hang out " marriage gauze card " , a basket of flowers when practice of the period of time before be being withheld is returned before some doors.

"Be like blast ' blow ' came like, the middle ten days of a month begins last month, begin somebody to be decorated here with respect to land add add decorate, after inn enrols hang out to come, there is marriage gauze above. " Mr Huang says the merchant of shop of a commodity, "Good now, come after the person grow in quantity of this road, perhaps return the business that can drive us. Perhaps return the business that can drive us..

The reporter visits a few shop front to be informed randomly, sell besides marriage gauze inside, outside having something made to order, still banquet of marriage car, marriage is decorated, the bride makes up, the respect business such as cake of banquet of emcee plan, marriage. "With marry concerned thing, outside be being registered except finish marriage, can find on this one street. " one businessman introduces, the businessman that manages to here is not little it is from original people road " marriage gauze a street " go up move, have a plenty of what move designedly from bazaar of a few underground.

A personage of know the inside story tells a reporter, at present still marriage gauze operator prepares to collect China road to come up. And concerned branch already also had in the give somebody a new lease on life on China road " marriage gauze a street " idea, will current this " marriage gauze a street " again Xiang Na face is outspread to revive road, add store of 339 marriage gauze, make " marriage gauze a street " implement scale more.

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