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Annual 100 million yuan fall into bridal emcee pocket
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This year is height of Olympic Games marriage year, celebrate guild according to Shanghai marriage newest predict, shanghai admiral has 13 this year. 50 thousand pairs of new personality prepare to drive " Olympic Games marriage " . Marriage celebrate the market to warm up, the organizer that brings about wedding directly -- emcee is in short supply. The reporter celebrated association to understand from city marriage recently, the emcee that celebrates association to issue aptitude card by Shanghai marriage at present only more than 300, emcee gap is huge, hard fill market breach.

Only 300 more than person provides intelligence certificate

"This year is an Olympic Games year, predict to will have 13. 50 thousand pairs of new personality marry, cause Shanghai boss appearance directly in short supply. " city marriage celebrated association secretary-general He Lina to express yesterday, "Marriage of in former years celebrates busy season to be in annual mixed May October, now year besides these two month, a few wedding day of other month also have a lot of new personality to gather together. For instance this month 16, about a hundred pairs of new personality do marriage banquet. "

"New personality rises ceaselessly to the requirement of emcee nowadays, emcee should understand the emotional experience of new personality not only, prepare to string together word, jest even. " He Lina expresses, the preparative duty factor that becomes a wedding now is a lot of more troublesome before, it is simple preparation covers a statement no longer, the case that joins newlywed person even brings spot atmosphere into play, so emcee is the course grooms technically of ability mount guard. As we have learned, general wedding centers at noon and 3 two hours in the evening more inside, emcee chairs a wedding to want half hours about, chair two at most at ordinary times, "Because marrier is much this year and compare concentration, basically be to chair this to hurry to below one, time is very close, most when can chair 45 wedding " . It is reported, the number of the emcee aptitude testimony that at present hold Shanghai marriage celebrates association to issue is only more than 300.

To alleviate the huge gap of emcee of Shen Cheng wedding, shanghai marriage celebrates association to clutching open emcee to groom class. It is reported, groom the class will is aimed at marriage celebrate knowledge, plan, new personality to communicate skill, face the major such as field lash-up processing to undertake grooming, the person that sign up besides wanting to pair of emcee occupational interest are liked, still need to accord with certain level in the respect such as temperament of expressive ability, appearance, if groom hind carry assessment, will issue letter of emcee mount guard.

Prices bullish month income can go up 10 thousand

The data of one orgnaization statistic showed the basis a few days ago, fulfil of the firewood in all industries goes up a the greatest type of work, have almost marriage celebrate kind, especially in higher-priced growth is apparent. The bridal emcee of the person that as whole wedding atmosphere is built most " ox " , the price of intermediate and bridal emcee amounts to field of 1000 yuan of / , and high-grade and bridal emcee comes field of 2000 yuan of / .
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