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Luxurious and bridal originality is much, 10 many marriage celebrate inspect and
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"I am Angus child Cupid, be come to by sacred clique the world searchs true love... " accompanying puerile child's voice, a body carries garland of white wing, head on the back " Cupid " be on erect to be in in the sky with conference 3 meters many high center among arena. Yesterday midday, " Cupid's love " thematic wedding exhibits central crystal hall to hold in new meeting. This is having a lot of marriage to celebrate the luxurious wedding of new element, make spot guest big open horizon not only, study of view and emulate comes before still attracting marriage of more than 10 Chengdu to celebrate a person of the same trade.

   The arrow prince kiss of Angus wakes " pumpkin car " medium princess

Midday at 12 o'clock half, a cold fireworks has delimited bridal spot, this delegate is worn " Cupid " shoot " the arrow of Angus " , what pull open luxurious wedding formally is prelusive. In the about 3 meters wide, sky that grows about 10 meters arena is left, one uses blue little light illuminative is tremendous " pumpkin car " conspicuous, the bride that wears white marriage gauze " sleep soundly " move lie in " pumpkin car " in, await princely arrival.

In " Cupid " lead, bridegroom slowly trend " pumpkin car " , fu body is kissed gently " princess " cheek, the bride opens an eye slowly. "The princess woke... " guard the cherub clap beside the princess to cheer all the time, arena all around light gorgeous fireworks immediately, two new personality are embraced in the deep feeling on the arena in sky.

  Angel leads a way " angel wing " fireworks 4 shoot

Later, two new personality step down from the arena in sky, come to wedding advocate before arena. Be setting with white heavy curtain advocate among arena, have arched door of flower of form of a heart, the two side of arch still have two giant " angel wing " . Hit in when all lamplight advocate on arena when, the aerosol on the stage winds around, 12 cherub that wear garland of white ceremonial robe or dress, head and spend child hand to pulling a hand to be walked out of from inside flower arch, be on the T before arena crystal stage. Prince and princess cross flower arch to be on arena, of two side " angel wing " immediately fireworks 4 shoot. At this moment, on the arena in sky " Cupid " the right hand a bit, get angry of arch of heart form flower is smooth 4 shoot, prince gets off from which instantly the keepsake of love, wear for the princess.

  Fireworks blesses 12 groups small to be sung in all with new personality " friend "

On wedding, discharged new personality to respect the link of tea to parents, get on bilateral parents please however arena, serve a pair of cloth child for them by two cherub, implied meaning new personality is parental child forever. Subsequently, new personality dissections together the birthday cake that is as high as 9, pour full champagne and compotation of nearly 1000 guest. At this moment, 12 friends of bridegroom also delivered a blessing for them. 12 wear the boy of white T-shirt, hold fireworks club to be on arena. Write before the bosom of everybody went up a gules big character, join rises even if " always written guarantee be born homocentricly, early expensive child, live to old age in conjugal bliss " . New personality and friend are sung loudly together " friend " , wedding issues heavy curtain in ablaze singing decline.
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