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Mi Qingdian runs the country bridal, a of Chinese sweethearts plum examines comm
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Che Ling and Mao Ran Che Ling and Mao Ran

International Milan club will greet its celebration of 100 years. Can be opposite only when most fan when the team of true love expresses the support on spirit, a pair of sweethearts that are about to enter marital hall are very lucky however. Yesterday before dawn at 2 o'clock, they already flew to Italy, preparation enters a country the wedding that rice prepares for them on hundred years celebration. At the appointed time, in Meiacha, this exchanges the occasion of ring to will become one of link with hundred years the most distinctive celebration to Chinese sweethearts.

This is right lucky " new personality " in bridegroom is called Che Ling, the country that is an iron lever rice fan. The bride is called Mao Ran, the effect that suffers a sweetheart from " ball blind " turned a country into rice accurate fan. Last year December, in Mao Ran encourage below, che Ling gives a country rice sent a mail, conveyed them to want to went that day in wedding rice spot visits the country the desire of the ball. "Did not think of to be able to get a response really, my mail does not have backup at all. " Che Ling says. Be in this year on Feburary 15, one piece comes from a country the invitation letter of rice tells them, the dream comes true.

Italy local time on March 8, advocate before meeting Leijina head-on to surpass, country rice will hold ceremony of hundred years celebration in Mei Acha field, che Ling and wool Ran also will make the pledge of next love over, they are full of look forward to the ground to say: "Knot wedding is taken and ring is already ready, begin to had considered Chinese style formal attire, feel to should respect western habit nevertheless, chose marriage gauze and business suit so. Chose marriage gauze and business suit so..

In the club arrangement falls, che Ling and wool Ran still can attend on March 9 memorial that day the big processional activity of Milanese street, watch on March 12 Milan of Europe coronal international advocate meet Liverpudlian match head-on. To can seeing an Ou Guan more, che Ling breathes out repeatedly " earned, earned " , mao Ran is calm under photograph comparing a lot of, "I like phenanthrene dagger, do not like Matelaqi. Do not like Matelaqi..

In addition, che Ling and wool Ran still took a gift to give La Heijun the group -- , one bore the weight of the banner that 10 thousand fan sign, celebrate hock day, the blessing of Chinese fan also will flying in Meiacha.

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