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Serve new rule to give heat, shadow building still needs hard
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In recent years, film marriage gauze is illuminated already made item of a in bridal celebration significant consumption. However, building of shadow of gauze of a few marriage is certain however new people be willing to part with or use the state of mind that to marry the important matter spends money, set a lot of beautiful trap, your the experience that many new personality underwent a lot of unpleasantness. A few days ago, department of Commerce releases " photography industry serves a standard " occupation standard, carried out on March 1 on this year, this films for consumer marriage gauze illuminates the objective basis that provided dimension power.

"I ever was in 3 shadows building saw in appearance book same ' client photograph ' , shadow building says is patted in his inn. Come home get online to be checked, also have on photograph net! Can those print be what shadow him building pats how? " newly-married of young lady of provincial capital plum before long, speak of to took the case that when marriage gauze is illuminated, encounters last year, the question of print origin bellyful that she provides to shadow building.

When consumer pats marriage gauze to take choice shadow floor, reading example, print is to judge cameraman to film the main basis of level. Give heat newly " photography employment service is normative " occupation standard set " print, example " origin, of demand picture building " print, example should by the in-house personnel that serves for the client directly (cameraman, makeup girl) finish, must not from the organization exterior get " , the photography skill that reflects shadow building effectively in order to make sure instinct of print, appearance is quite true behaves ability and craft level.

Carry urban plum young lady patted get married gauze to illuminate in some shadow building last year, whole body of the feeling after coming home is scratchy, removed small measles, because marriage gauze is sordid,classics examination is so be caused by. "The marriage gauze in shadow building, formal attire pats a photograph to come white and beautiful, be dirty more very actually, dress is not at ease really! " Miss Li says to the reporter.

Gauze of shadow building marriage " wear only do not wash " the phenomenon is relatively common, if gauze of a marriage is successive,did not undertake in time cleaning, disinfection, sweat fluid and leather fat are added on garment pants, can become microbial " education radical " , very possible meeting catchs a disease, cause the skin disease such as scabies to suffer from especially. New rule " photography employment service is normative " already included provision of marriage gauze cleanness among them, if consumer encounters pertinent question to be able to undertake complaining accordingly.
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