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The legend of through the ages of ring, finger tip romance
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"Hold your hand, grow old with you " , represented every the firmest to sweethearts love pledge, as the most traditional keepsake that decide affection, ring also the legend because of it and happiness, will let people be sentimentally attached to deeply all the time 100000.

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  Genetic---Have nothing to do with love

Respecting ring, the person meets great majority to contact it and marital love together. In fact, ring itself does not have this meaning at the beginning.

The history that ring is in China is long, already sent disinter bone ring in the grave of period of the Longshan Culture, still embed above some have turquoise. And the Gu Ai in contemporaneity and, ring also appears in the life of people, besides the metal, still conch is made, not only modelling is beautiful, return monetization to use at that time.

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In fokelore, before more than 3000 years, the seal that the law of ancient Egypt often likes to will represent power is taken at any time go up in the body, but feel total to take again very troublesome in the hand, then a clever attendants made a cirque, such laws often can wear seal on finger. The law often feels to be held out so convenient, wearing everyday then " seal " appear before subject, and the chancellery of princes and dukes of below people also feel quite good-looking, in succession follow the lead of, perform those who become women to act the role of gradually again after that taste ― the origin that this is the ring in fokelore.

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