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Civil administration bureau: The age marries to want to change after the section
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"Many pairs of 40 new personality come to smooth before even season register, but arrive after the Spring Festival now, ask to register everyday marry to grow more than pairs 150 quickly. " double marriage drifting a county registers mechanism one staff member says. It is reported, even area of part of recently our city (city) prefectural marriage registers management to be in every day " explode full " , caused the high attention of civil administration branch. Ground discovery finds both funny and annoying after civil administration branch is investigated through, all these and " hearsay " about: "" marriage law " want to alter,

Reporter investigation

So crowded that number of fearsome new personality undertakes registering

Passed at 1 o'clock yesterday midday, the reporter comes to Chengdu double marriage drifting a county registers mechanism, heard the voice of noisy and confused far. On the large dams before marriage registers office door, also stop full all sorts of foreign car. In the room that conduction marriage registers, swarmed the new personality that comes round to deal with marriage to register.

The staff member undertakes the bar that register has 5 places, the new personality that is come in great numbers gives " flood " , before the new personality later does not squeeze bar at all. The time that the staff member must come according to new personality, have number, undertake date is registered crying next. Whole marriage registers the spot, as the supermarket, it is a person everywhere. "When the person is the most concentrated, it is very difficult to insert a foot to go in. " before each staff members, piled up fold high " red " . Although still be in the morning, but they are cracked, conversation is very difficult.

Up to yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, marriage registers the staff member of mechanism to had dealt with finish marriage to register for nearly 100 pairs of new personality, but still more than pairs of 40 new personality wait to deal with formalities. And right now, still often young lovers goes.

Logarithm day sky is registered since March 100

The number increase sharply that undertakes conjugal registering comes before, this kind of circumstance crossed the Spring Festival to appear. But original, this did not cause what double marriage drifting a county registers 樑 of body chief Huang Gang to take seriously.

"The Spring Festival passes, a lot of go out the person that Wu is versed in is about to go out. Choose this time to deal with marry register original much, very normal. " Huang Gang 樑 says, but let him feel " unusual " is, go to work from Spring Festival hind begin to arrive all the time now, the number that will deal with marriage to register everyday had not decreased all the time. "March these days, come round to handle the number that marriage registers everyday, control in 150 pairs. "
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