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How should diamond gem maintain?
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Diamond is the soliddest material on the world. They have distinctive resistance, OK and counteractive high temperature and other the scratch of any material. Use talent of a diamond only its cut or attaint, or undertake very violent biff to the waist of diamond, ability makes its split. Enchase your diamond in the frame that has protection, adorn regularly go up in your finger, can make your diamond intact all one's life. In adorning daily, be soiled of your sweat of diamond easy contact and daily and chemical things, the diamond appearance that causes you easily is dim without light. We suggest you want periodic to undertake cleaning to diamond, retain the brightness of diamond thereby. Clean the method of your diamond gem: We can be used contain 1:6Proportional chloric aqueous solution cleans diamond in the home. You also can be used soft brush swab gently, can keep clear of so major besmirch, and can the brightness that huge raises diamond. But the base that is sure to keep in mind to cannot be set with abrade. Had better undertake be cleaninged annually to diamond and have safe examination to base. Store the method of your diamond gem: Should not adorn when diamond gem, suggest you divide diamond with all sorts of gem headgear diamond cut stops in case in the hop-pocket of park softness other gem or make other gem dim without light, OK also in the packing box of the form a complete set when replace is bought so.

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