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Group plan: Boreal Europe furniture is contracted furniture
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  Receive the table that puts freely

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Close put freely

Say human nature is changed and rich the milk of human kindness is the characteristic of boreal Europe furniture, besides have concise and perfect curve, easy line feeling, it really very “ close ” , if you one person lives in single boarding house or be a small flatlet inside, need such table especially, it can change length as the increase and decrease of your guest, do not affect the integral position of little space. When enjoying two people dinner, can change half top of a table completely put down; When the good friend meets on the weekend, the upper berth of meal bureau horse that opens 6 people completely leaves; Ferial one person eats quick meal on tea table when, this mensal OK and complete amount to becomes board, handle is put into the chamfer among, delicate woman carries a fine easily move it.

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