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SOHO gens chases after the vigor furniture that hold in both hands
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Everybody wants to have a home. Or contracted and practical, or gorgeous. Do you hope what kind of your home is? How will you dress up it?

The reporter discovers in the market recently, a kind of furniture that is full of youthful energy and appeal suffers fully 18, gens of young white-collar of 35 years old, SOHO is chased after hold in both hands.

Of furniture young change main body to show in two respects, be the black, Bai Hutao wood that color turns over a tradition, oak is onefold and tonal. The fruit with the blue, exuberant ash of the flavour of bright red, sober cruel with bold and unrestrained passion is green waited for match colors to rush into adult to live in, appear in the place such as bed screen, shake handshandle, have rich tint charm already, do not have stimulative visual effect again, can say to break through the atmosphere of traditional adult furniture.

2 it is the edge that the design changes to was gone to continuously in the past continuously trenchant, present adult household uses circle, hemicycle and arc in great quantities, appear very nifty. Than three-piece suit of consistent money bedroom, used on cupboard door greatly small ten pure round modelling, the sense that gives a person is " amused " 2 words. And ark of another the head of a bed 4 horn are circular arc form, resemble a radio a bit it seems that, plus 4 bottom wheel, resembling really is designed technically for child child. Let a person must plaint: Furniture becomes young! One is saying in Miss Wang of furniture of choose and buy: "Such furniture not only find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, still can alleviate effectively exhaustion of a day. Still can alleviate effectively exhaustion of a day..


Gens of absolutely and fashionable SOHO chases after the vigor furniture that hold in both hands

The soft bag of the head of a bed with red cherry deserves to go up beaming gules bedding, suit newly-married husband and wife to choose very much. The complete arc of bed screen accords with human body function to learn, sleep above special and comfortable.
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